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Airbnb Business Travel

Airbnb was in its early days close to going out of business, then they found some good investors and now Airbnb is extremely successful and used by millions of people worldwide.

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Duty of care business travel

Business travelers need the best ecosystem to reach their goals. Of course, security is a major issue for a company thanks to the duty of care. Some contracts have to be signed in Africa or in Middle East, security is not always optimal in Congo, Cameroon, Mali, Saudi Arabia or Iraq. That's why you need an expert by your side. This professionnel will be able to secure any place. Also, companies sending expats in these dangerous areas need expert in relocation services. That's why LyonRiskManagement can be an asset to your business strategy.

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Guide We Travel

Guide We Travel operates a network of private tour guides in China and offer private guide booking, tailor-made tours and itineraries to independent travelers to China.

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NY Times Business Travel Guide

This is a great source of information and fun to read. This website is updated very often and has many interesting travel ideas for your benefit.

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Business Travel News

This is a useful business travel site to read.

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